Keyring is a new way to access streaming services. At Keyring, we believe streaming should be simple. With dozens of streaming services to choose from, it's hard, we know. We also know a lot people share passwords, which hurts the movie and TV production industry. With both of these in mind, we believe the best way to get viewers introduced to streaming is with an all-in-one streaming bundle, on one device: your computer. It's the best win-win we could think of.

Streaming services are filled with buried gems and treasures, and our Creators have a real knack for finding them. Through streaming, Keyring creators signal what the best titles are, and where they can be found. Our Writers and Creators find the most fascinating movies and TV shows to ensure they’re from a diverse range of content with a track record of trustworthy and accurate reviews. Our recommendations are available primarily in English, though we look forward to sharing in more languages in the future.

Make sure to subscribe to a bundle, and we'll let you know what is worth watching on on TikTok.

Our Team

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“Keyring enables a win-win between streaming providers and the 44M consumers who share passwords due to subscription fatigue."
Chino Lex
CEO & Founder